Oh the weather outside is frightful

but the colors inside are delightful – and I’ve really no place to train, so let it rain, let it rain, let it rain. I don’t honestly mean that, but I cannot imagine I have any control over the weather, so I am turning on the lights and feeling thankful for being dry and warm. And the colors inside […]

Peeling the Onion

A long time ago, I was lucky to get some very good advice (to paraphrase),¬†“being busy is a good way to avoid looking hard at yourself and your relationships, to avoid peeling the onion.” It has been a tough month and a half but we are climbing out the other side and I have some time to peel my […]

Adventure Part 4

We saw a moose!!! Moose are the big driving danger here and the subject of many cautionary tales. I did some research and they are a) hard to see especially at dusk, b) less reflective than most nocturnal animals, and c) so tall, they tend to wipe out the driver in an accident. We listened to the warnings and […]

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A Study in Scarlet

For some reason, “A Study in Scarlet” has placed itself in my head as the right thing to call what I am doing right now. There is no Holmes-ian sleuthing, nor any grand southern mansion, nor indeed are all the colors scarlet, but there is a thread of both intense red and an analytical approach that inspires what I […]

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Fall into Winter – CREATE!

As the winter days get shorter and shorter, my urge to curl up in front of the fire with a good book wars with my desire to create gifts and cozy items for myself. I am overwhelmed with ideas. This year I have been determined to use what I have in my stash as much as I can. With¬†this […]