Progress in all things

The church has new floors! Well, not new exactly, but newly sanded and refinished. Thanks to Serge – a magician with a sander and a lover of dogs – our old church floors have been given a new life. They look spectacular.

We have had a few setbacks. The tiling looks great, but the shower enclosure from Jade Bath was […]

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So Long August

As the days shorten and the nighttime temperatures cool, our church is slowly evolving. The colors change outside and in as the quality and angle of light changes with the seasons. I love the warmer fall tones, but I miss the warm summer temperatures.

We continue to make slow but steady progress on our bathroom. Paint is on the walls […]

Oh the weather outside is frightful

but the colors inside are delightful – and I’ve really no place to train, so let it rain, let it rain, let it rain. I don’t honestly mean that, but I cannot imagine I have any control over the weather, so I am turning on the lights and feeling thankful for being dry and warm. And the colors inside […]

Adventure Part 2

In which the adventure continues and we see big changes…

The “before” shots after Erik had spent a week on the place:

I can’t raise my arms over head. No really, I can’t! I suspect it has something to do with demolition day(s). As our efforts on the church get seriously underway, my lack of training in the carpentry arts […]

When to cry, “Uncle!”

I have always thought of grim persistence as a character strength, but sometimes it is a flaw. As we took off on our cross-country adventure, I packed a couple (ha ha) of projects – one with a deadline of a wedding. I cast on the first row as we were pulling off the island. In a brief moment of […]