Oh the weather outside is frightful

but the colors inside are delightful – and I’ve really no place to train, so let it rain, let it rain, let it rain. I don’t honestly mean that, but I cannot imagine I have any control over the weather, so I am turning on the lights and feeling thankful for being dry and warm. And the colors inside […]

Adventure Part 2

In which the adventure continues and we see big changes…

The “before” shots after Erik had spent a week on the place:

I can’t raise my arms over head. No really, I can’t! I suspect it has something to do with demolition day(s). As our efforts on the church get seriously underway, my lack of training in the carpentry arts […]

When to cry, “Uncle!”

I have always thought of grim persistence as a character strength, but sometimes it is a flaw. As we took off on our cross-country adventure, I packed a couple (ha ha) of projects – one with a deadline of a wedding. I cast on the first row as we were pulling off the island. In a brief moment of […]

Dyeing, dyeing, dyeing

It has been a wonderful summer, but now it is well and truly Fall and time to look back a little. I spent the last two months in a flurry of productivity alternated cleverly with vacations. I had great fun dyeing, spinning and weaving while home, and knitting when traveling. Now I have LOTS to talk about in the […]


This time of year inspires some to clean, others to plant, and me to finish things. I have a lot of items on needles, wheels, and looms at most times – either due to a short attention span, an over-eager creative spurt, or simple nutty optimism. Once in a while, though, I need to free up those same needles, […]