Postings from the Wild Wood

The inspiration of color and shadow

I am on a kick to turn things I have seen into things I can make. I am always being inspired by things I see on hikes or as we travel – it makes those hikes and drives that much more enjoyable if I can look for patterns or dive into some colors. Our most recent trips to New […]

Year end…

The end of the year has rolled around so quickly. Here I sit packing a suitcase and trying to think where all that time went. Even though I have, as previously noted, spent a lot of time doing rehab work on our church, I managed to get a few fiber-related projects completed. I like to focus on something with […]

Another Renovation Summer Complete

It is definitely Fall and we have returned to the Pacific Northwest – a sad and fond farewell to the church for another year followed by a (long) trek across the continent. Every year we renew our love for the area and our church becomes more of a cottage by the sea and less a community house of worship. […]

Progress in all things

The church has new floors! Well, not new exactly, but newly sanded and refinished. Thanks to Serge – a magician with a sander and a lover of dogs – our old church floors have been given a new life. They look spectacular.

We have had a few setbacks. The tiling looks great, but the shower enclosure from Jade Bath was […]

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So Long August

As the days shorten and the nighttime temperatures cool, our church is slowly evolving. The colors change outside and in as the quality and angle of light changes with the seasons. I love the warmer fall tones, but I miss the warm summer temperatures.

We continue to make slow but steady progress on our bathroom. Paint is on the walls […]