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Year end…

The end of the year has rolled around so quickly. Here I sit packing […]

Knitting can serve as addiction and therapy.  It is portable (goes absolutely anywhere including airplanes), it is adaptable (2 sticks and string and you are on your way), it is rewarding (mittens, hats, scarves, sweaters, skirts), and it is soothing – mostly.  Allergic to wool?  Try cotton, bamboo, yak, bison, silk, or any number of acrylic fibers.  Looking for bling?  Include ribbons, metallics, or beads.
Weaving is a way to make your own fabric. Unlike knitting, because it involves interlacing the fibers, you can cut it!  The act of weaving is also quite meditative – there are rhythms inherent in the patterns, both visually and physically.  And I don’t think any other craft allows one to play with color and texture as freely as weaving.  From wall art to wearable art, weaving has an amazingly rich history.  The seafairer’s sails, ceremonial robes throughout history, tapestries and rugs – we wove to clothe and comfort.  One is only limited by one’s imagination.
Of course, all those things require yarn and what better way to acquire yarn than to spin it yourself?  You can start from the fleece fresh off the sheep, buy prepared roving or bats, pre-dyed or natural and dye it yourself.  There is something truly magical watching the yarn wind onto the bobbin as you spin it.  And the activity lends itself to sitting in a circle with others and chatting.
Patterns help us create the product we want, of course.  They can be a step-by-step instruction manual or a jumping off point for our creative impulses.  The patterns we will offer here will be usable either way.

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