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Who Am I?

After a life of working as an engineer, professor, and computer professional, I decided to make my next life phase about working in the fiber arts.  All that science and math certainly still play a part in my design efforts – especially in designing weaving patterns – but I most enjoy the feel of the fiber in my hands and the play of color within each fabric.  I feel passionately the crafts of spinning, knitting, and weaving all allow people of all skills levels to enjoy the excitement of creating something pretty and useful.  Harkening back to my teaching career, I hope someday to be able to help pass these skills on to a new generation.  Some of my current efforts/products are:
  • Handspun yarns of wool, alpaca, and other fibers
  • Woven fabric, home goods, and accessories
  • Specialty knitted accessories
  • Patterns and help


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Some of my highlights

My Favorite Projects
I am fascinated by spinning, love the creativity and feeling of completion I get from weaving, but my first love is still knitting.  It was my gateway craft.  Below are some examples of my work in all three areas.
  • Handspun yarns in wool, alpaca and silk
  • Cotton and woolen weavings
  • Knitted lace shawls and socks

My Work Process
Designing handwoven fabrics starts (for me) with the purpose of the fabric.  People generally aren’t looking for fine woolen napkins for placemats, they need cotton or some similarly tough and washable fiber.  On the other hand, most people want their scarf or shawl to sit comfortably against their skin, so silk and alpaca might be the choice.  Once I know the use, I can select the fiber and the appropriate “hand.”  A dish towel and a placemat are quite similar in shape, but one should absorb water and the other should keep its shape right out of the laundry.  Those items determine the general form of the design and we are off and running.
Off Topic Favorite Things to Do
When I am not playing with fiber, I love to read, hike, and play with my dog.  My husband and I try to get a nice trip somewhere once a year and we take shorter road trips as often as we can (since we can bring our dog with us).  

Here’s The Good Stuff. Some of My Best Work Is Featured Below.


Cape Breton table runner


Lace weight handknit shawl