And Meanwhile, Knitting

Spring has sprung, the blankets are done, and knitting is still number one. (Despite the image that leads this post.) Yes, I finished those blankets and I have a plan for the next phase of experimentation. I find myself between warps and interested in finishing a bunch of knitting projects. As I look back, I realize a lot has happened […]

Yoga and Springtime

I just looked back and noticed it has been almost four months since last I wrote. Springtime has arrived here in the Pacific Northwest and with it a fever of sorts. In my personal life, I have hurled myself into a new yoga practice and time with my daughter’s young family (both of which I find invigorating and intensely […]

Oh the weather outside is frightful

but the colors inside are delightful – and I’ve really no place to train, so let it rain, let it rain, let it rain. I don’t honestly mean that, but I cannot imagine I have any control over the weather, so I am turning on the lights and feeling thankful for being dry and warm. And the colors inside […]

Peeling the Onion

A long time ago, I was lucky to get some very good advice (to paraphrase), “being busy is a good way to avoid looking hard at yourself and your relationships, to avoid peeling the onion.” It has been a tough month and a half but we are climbing out the other side and I have some time to peel my […]

Adventure Part Last for the Year

I can now add antelope to my fauna sightings! (The antelope were on the rangeland grazing near cattle.) Our return journey was epic. We drove for 5 days and crossed the continent, checking off time zones and provinces (3)/states (10) along the way. At times it felt a bit grueling but really we had a lovely time. The temperatures […]