We saw a moose!!! Moose are the big driving danger here and the subject of many cautionary tales. I did some research and they are a) hard to see especially at dusk, b) less reflective than most nocturnal animals, and c) so tall, they tend to wipe out the driver in an accident. We listened to the warnings and were driving cautiously so we stopped in plenty of time. Plus Madam Moose was not in a hurry to cross the road. She posed for us (but no pictures, sorry) and sent us on our way. She was beautiful. A wildlife adventure!

3-ply-and-2-plyI had a fiber adventure too: making a scarf here from braid to finish. I spun two plies of merino superwash to go with that nylon ply I showed you in the previous post. These three singles were then plied together in a balanced 3-ply. I knew I would be making a scarf so I decided I would just switch to a 2-ply when twarping-the-scarfhe nylon ran out and use the 2-ply for my weft. Let me say right now that I do not like the feel of nylon and probably won’t spin it alone any time soon. My new little rigid heddle loom worked splendidly. I warped it using a peg attached to one of our work tables and then used the rest of the yarn for the weft. I didn’t wet finish the yarn – just put it straight on the loom – so, after hand twisting the fringe, I soaked the scarf in hot water and detergent and gave it a thwack or two. In the finished-scarfend, I had a new scarf and got to know my new loom a lot better.

Our construction is proceeding quite nicely but we both wish we were making more progress. Only two weeks until we have to strike out for our Pacific Northwest floor-inhome. Erik and I finished the floor on the loft and we are ready for the spiral staircase. The plumber and the electrician are both coming next week. We found an old mirror for our medicine cabinet and some period doors at an antique store in Moncton. Best of all, the 2nd half of the roof, the really leaky part, got started today. We have been enjoying dinners here now on a pretty regular basis and it is beginning to feel a little more homey. Removing the old woono-stove-for-webd stove and wood stove pipe made it possible for us to get ready for the new one but we do like the way things look without the pipe too.  Oh well…

Of course, all this means the shawl hasn’t progressed as I had hoped. And we can’t forget to spend some beach time. You know, it is funny. This effort is hard work every day, but we are having loads of fun. Even Toby has gotten into the spirit of things, making new friends with our neighbors’ dogs, exploring the coastline, and chasing rabbits and chipmunks. He is having great fun acting the part of Rin Tin Toby (aka Adventure Dog)!