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I confess – spring makes me start things. I start fiber projects, home improvement projects, and gardening projects. Unfortunately, I tend to start more than I can possibly finish. Maybe spring makes me optimistic. Maybe it is the pent up energy from the winter blahs. Sometimes I end up feeling like I am spinning around in the room trying […]

Springtime on Vashon

Today is rainy again. Really, as you know, that is the way of the PNW. However color is beginning to break through as spring starts springing. Grays and browns still set the tone, but delicate hues can be found in the woods and the garden. The witch hazel and primroses are each a soft yellow. The moss on the […]

More Color Play – Guest Blog

Ann is a long-time friend and fellow weaver. I read part of her post elsewhere and thought it would be a good addition to our color discussion. Designing anything is a challenge – I learned from Ann’s process. Here are her thoughts –

I spent the winter weaving a scarf for my lovely daughter-in-law Kelly. She had mentioned, when looking […]

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Color Play

It is spring here in the Pacific Northwest. We have some sunny days now and then – glorious and bright – but we have a deserved reputation for rain and it has been very dark a lot. These are the times where I look for color in my projects. And, with spring cleaning, I am looking to find those […]

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Eye Candy

I feel like a kid in a candy store! My day was a fiber-addict’s dream day: all my processed fleeces have returned to me, my new roving project from my fiber club arrived, and my last roving became yarn that I actually like enough to drool over. It is almost more than a person can stand.

My roving is amazing. […]