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This is the story of my personal windfall (literally, the falling debris from the wind storms we have been having) and why I like it. My new effort is even beginning to affect how I feel about wind storms – which are somewhat disturbing when one lives amongst the trees. Now I tend to see those winds (and what they […]

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Farewell Old Friend

Today I said farewell  to a dear old friend. I will miss her although I know she is moving to a good home. The “she” to whom I refer is my Fireside loom. Her time with me was rich with sunshine and color. We had our moments – all relationships do – but we spent a lot of time […]

Cozy Midwinter Knit

It has been over two months since I last wrote a post! But I haven’t been idle, honest. Much has happened, including a Seattle-San Diego road trip, several classes, and the flu (despite my flu shot). Still, it is now March and, with spring on the horizon, I am building back to full strength. Let’s talk cozy. Nothing like a warm […]