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Common Cloth for a Special Present

My brother has a major decade milestone this year and I wanted to make him something special – something that would be useful, would not go out of style, and was within my skill set. I thought and thought. A scarf? Too common and really we have been there and done that. Redo of the piano scarf? No – see previous. […]

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Just a little more sampling

I can’t seem to stop spinning and sampling. The spring weather has me outside, spinning on the patio. This week, I have tried spinning with beads and a balanced ply before deciding on a coiled yarn. I love the bumpy texture!! Since I couldn’t stop, I finished my yak and silk and the Blue Moon Fiber Arts winter grays. […]

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Sampling for Spinning

I admit it – I hate sampling. Knitting a gauge swatch feels like physical torture so I solved that problem: my sleeve is my swatch and I am willing to start over and unravel a sleeve if necessary. I feel much the same way about sampling for weaving, so most of my samples are at the end of my warp […]

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