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Retreat Revelations Part 2

First, you need to know that I think of myself as a knitter.  That doesn’t mean that my only focus is knitting, just that, if you said I could only keep one of the three, knitting would win over weaving and spinning every time.  Somehow it satisfies all of the things I need.  So I work pretty hard at […]

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Retreat Revelations Part 1

Because I am recently retired, I have been able to take part in various communal activities.  I live on an island that has a very active arts community – so of course we have weaving, spinning, and knitting groups.  Additionally, there are several weaving guilds in the area.  It is impossible to attend them all, but I am really […]

Welcome to the Wildwood

Well here we are at the beginning!  My first task will be work my way through all the technology required to create a blog.  I have spent my life working in and teaching Information Systems, but I am total neophyte when it comes to web software.  I don’t even know what I don’t know!  So what is there to […]