Another Renovation Summer Complete

It is definitely Fall and we have returned to the Pacific Northwest – a sad and fond farewell to the church for another year followed by a (long) trek across the continent. Every year we renew our love for the area and our church becomes more of a cottage by the sea and less a community house of worship. […]

Atravelin’ we will go

We have arrived at the other side of the continent just in time to miss that eclipse, darn it. The good news? Our church is still standing and looking fine!

The even better news? It is summer in Upper Cape. That means sunshine, swimming, good food, and good company. As I did last year, this blog turns into church rehab updates […]

Adventure Part Last for the Year

I can now add antelope to my fauna sightings! (The antelope were on the rangeland grazing near cattle.) Our return journey was epic. We drove for 5 days and crossed the continent, checking off time zones and provinces (3)/states (10) along the way. At times it felt a bit grueling but really we had a lovely time. The temperatures […]

Adventure Part 3

This week just flew by! For those of you who are interested in our progress framing, Erik really cranked it out this week. Since I have no framing skills, I spent the week drawing our plans and spinning. Yep, the wheel is together and functioning. And we ate home-cooked dinners. What a relief to be done with road food. […]

Adventure Part 2

In which the adventure continues and we see big changes…

The “before” shots after Erik had spent a week on the place:

I can’t raise my arms over head. No really, I can’t! I suspect it has something to do with demolition day(s). As our efforts on the church get seriously underway, my lack of training in the carpentry arts […]