Adventure Part Last for the Year

I can now add antelope to my fauna sightings! (The antelope were on the rangeland grazing near cattle.) Our return journey was epic. We drove for 5 days and crossed the continent, checking off time zones and provinces (3)/states (10) along the way. At times it felt a bit grueling but really we had a lovely time. The temperatures […]

Adventure Part 3

This week just flew by! For those of you who are interested in our progress framing, Erik really cranked it out this week. Since I have no framing skills, I spent the week drawing our plans and spinning. Yep, the wheel is together and functioning. And we ate home-cooked dinners. What a relief to be done with road food. […]

Adventure Part 2

In which the adventure continues and we see big changes…

The “before” shots after Erik had spent a week on the place:

I can’t raise my arms over head. No really, I can’t! I suspect it has something to do with demolition day(s). As our efforts on the church get seriously underway, my lack of training in the carpentry arts […]

Adventure Part 1

Not long ago, my husband and I bought a small (decommissioned) church in New Brunswick, Canada. The church had been totally abandoned for about 15 years and the neglect was definitely showing. Fixing it up demanded a major time commitment. We found a cat sitter, packed up our dog, and headed out on our summer adventure: Vashon Island to Upper […]

Gulp, Gasp, Horrors!!!!

There is nothing like a moth to strike fear in the heart of a fiber nut. And there is no way to prevent moths completely – just constant vigilance to keep any problems small.  I admit to growing somewhat complacent because I had escaped anything major for quite a while. I have learned my lesson (again).

My mother would have said […]